The Team

Parlor’s beauty squad is a team of highly artistic and professional hairstylists who aim to achieve excellence in every creative adventure they accept. It’s our philosophy to bring superior techniques and knowledge to every appointment and client.


Giovanna Berardi


Hairdressing since 2007, Joined Parlor in 2008

Giovanna is a stylist who strives to make each client feel at home. She has the talent and creative skill that can conquer any hair challenge and create a look that’ll appease the concerns of a customer in a split second. Giovanna is from New York (Staten Island, to be specific) and she moved to the city to attend the Aveda Institute in Soho where she honed her cutting, coloring, and makeup skills. In 2014, she was selected as a makeup artist for the Mercedes-Benz fashion week, which was an experience she described as unforgettable.

The beauty of hairdressing Giovanna says is that each client (whether they’re new or long-standing customers) brings a new personality to each hairstyle, which makes her career both creative and unpredictable. She believes that hairstyling is an expression and she helps find a balance for her clients between maintaining a sense of their current selves while pushing the boundaries for a brighter and more refined future. Giovanna is confident and brings an energetic, yet relaxed energy to the beauty team that’ll make the salon experience memorable. If she’s not at the salon, then she can be found socializing with her friends and family or browsing YouTube videos for the latest hairdressing techniques and street style.


Autumn Whisman

Hairdressing since 2005, Joined Parlor in 2011

Autumn is a talented hairstylist for reasons that go beyond technical skill and precision. She’s fearless in opening her creative mind to challenges that require imagination and patience. Originally from Michigan, she finished her hairdressing education in “The Motor City” at the Aveda Institute and decided to move to New York to expand her knowledge on her trade. In the process of making the transition between Michigan and New York, Autumn found that the city opened her eyes to a new side of hairdressing that inspired her to pursue the mastering of the balayage technique in coloring.

Inspiration plays a large role in Autumn’s approach to hairdressing. She believes that life coaching is a way to help others improve the quality of their daily experiences and she tries to embody this belief when approaching her job. In this way, Autumn is a hairstylist who knows how to listen and believes in creating a genuine relationship with each client. She replaces the salon apron with one for the kitchen in her spare time. Her favorite recipe is Banana Bread. If you’re a food guru then book an appointment and don’t be shy to swap recipes with her!


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