Parlor’s Earth Month 2015

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Parlor’s Birthday Bash & Photo Booth

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Aveda and Nepal

Do you know the story behind our green paper gift sets? In the beautiful, elevated landscapes of Nepal, Aveda has partnered with communities who use the ancient art of lokta paper. These families are nestled between the peaking mountaintops. Their … Continue reading

Picture Perfect: How Close Our Stylists Can Replicate Your Inspiration Photo

The nervous anticipation of scheduling a transformative hair appointment can weigh on anyone, especially if  the “look” you’re going for is hard to describe in words. We put one of top stylists Cristina Vince to the test by providing her with … Continue reading

Botanical Hair Therapy Solves The Biggest Woes Of Dry & Damaged Hair

Summer is coming to a close and priorities are once again shifting back to work, school, and commitments that are far more challenging than breezy summer nights and tanning under the New York skyline, which is why we want to help … Continue reading

Beauty Transformation As Documented By A Parlor Customer

It’s easy to categorize hairdressing into the mass of jobs in the beauty industry, but the difference that’s commonly over looked is the impact a hairstylist can have on their clients’ daily routine. Beauty transformations can be as simple as adding layers … Continue reading

Summer’s Dewy Sheen In A Bottle

This summer’s genie in a bottle is Aveda’s beautifying composition oil and it’s not hard to get your hands on. The oil when mixed with concealer creates a sheen that’ll lighten up your face, making you look fresh and at peace with the summer … Continue reading

Tips On How To Use Aveda Products To Their Full Potential

Aveda's eye shadows

Aveda products are designed to be multifunctional, yet few people know the different ways they can use what’s already in their bathroom cabinets. We’ve chosen three of our most popular products and given you tips on how to make them more useful than ever.

** stars indicate which functions are Parlor’s tips to you

Beautifying Composition Oil:

The Beautifying Composition oil already has a laundry list of functions on its label, but there are a few that were left out. Below is a comprehensive list of how the product (to our knowledge) can be used: Beautifying Composition Oil

  • Add moisture to dry skin
  • Bath nourishing oil
  • Condition cuticles
  • Scalp treatment (wash out of hair after applying)      
  • Sleeping aroma
  • Massage Oil
  • Makeup remover **
  • Add composition oil to Aveda’s foundation to create a dewy sheen for a spring or summer look **

Air Control:

The Air Control hairspray by Aveda is their low-hold formula. It’s one of the most popular products sold at Parlor because it doesn’t create a stiff, crisp texture like most hairsprays. 3 air control

  • Flexible hair hold
  • Volumizing
  • Decreases static (for when your dress won’t stop sticking to your legs or tights) **
  • Eyebrow Mascara (spray air control onto comb and brush eyebrows to create a fuller look, hairspray holds eyebrows in place) **


Aveda Eye Shadow:

The Aveda Eye Shadows come in nineteen different natural hues that are made from a combination of flowers extracts and wax. The eye shadows are crease resistant and blend well with different skin tones. Here are a few ways to use the product beyond daily makeup use:

  • Mix product with Aveda’s eye shadow transformer to create a liquid eyeliner **
  • Rub eye shadow into hair to create a natural hair chalk, non-permanent color **