Parlor & Free People’s Night Out

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We’re Not Teasing About This Crown Twist

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We Pin Beauty

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Summer’s Dewy Sheen In A Bottle

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DIY: Travel-Size Toiletries

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DIY: Nail Designs For Beginners

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Four Beauty Instagram Accounts You’re Missing

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A Professional Updo For The Office (Or Any Work Space!)

ST #1 ST #2 ST #3 ST #4 ST #5 ST #6ST #7

Step #1:

Section off a portion of your hair (in what we like to call the “bang area”) and braid it. This updo is flexible so if you prefer french or fishtail braids feel free to mix it up.

Step #2:

Next, mess it up! Loosen the braid by pulling it apart. This makes it wider and helps create volume (especially for fine haired gals!). Don’t be afraid to make it messy! It’ll also add texture.

Step #3

Now, move to the other side of your head and section off the same amount of hair you did for the braid. Twist the hair. Place bobby pins into the twist to secure it, then continue to twist until you’ve wrapped the hair around the back and to the other side of your head.

Step #4:

Grab the braid and pin it above the twist.

Step #5:

Continue to twist the remaining hair and pin it to the back of your head. This last step is flexible. If you’re interested in a more laid back appearance then make a messy bun, otherwise create a more structured look by continuing to twist the hair and pulling it into a tight circular bun.

This Short-Hair Updo Is A Game Changer

It’s no secret that short hair is easier and less time consuming to maintain, but what happens when after breezing through your morning routine for a few months you miss having the flexibility to style your hair in different ways? … Continue reading