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Interview with the First Lady’s Hairstylist: Johnny Wright


The First Lady has been photographed, interviewed, and given a distinct reputation for her chic fashion sense. But as we all know, fashion doesn’t stop at clothes, which is why Mrs. Obama has set herself apart with impeccable hairstyles that are both sleek and sophisticated. We sat down in our cozy garden with Johnny Wright, the First Lady’s hairstylist, to get the story on their awe-inspiring friendship and how to maintain healthy tresses throughout the year. Click here to see photos of the First Lady’s hairstyles and more tips from Johnny Wright. 

Q: Where did you start your hairstyling career?

A: I started in Chicago. I was born and raised there. My grandmother did hair until she was 91 years old and I started doing hair when I was 13 so it ran in the family.

Q: How did you become the First Lady’s hairstylist?

A: We met in Chicago when I was living there and they were working on the first campaign. Then I moved to Los Angeles during that time and her staff kept in touch with me whenever she was in the Los Angeles area so we built our relationship that way. Once the President took office she asked me to move to D.C. to be with her full-time. I’ve been with them since.

Q: Where are you based out of now?

A: I’m based out of D.C., but I work in New York often because I’m collaborating on [a new project] that allows people to get salon quality results at home.

Q: What type of hairstyles does the First Lady prefer?

A: There’s never a particular hairstyle that we do. We just have fun with it. She’s open and I like to be creative. She’s really easy to work with.

Q: What do you think the new hairstyle or trend is for summer?

A: It’s really all about moisture. I know some people have dry hair in the summer, some in the winter, and some all year around. So for me, I always think it’s most important to have healthy hair. I don’t really follow trends.