Parlor’s Birthday Bash & Photo Booth

The 20th Anniversary of Parlor was a success! And now its time to share photos from our night of celebration with makeup guru Rudy Miles and music by Hannah Thiem. The night kicked off with a makeup workshop for holiday … Continue reading

20th Anniversary Events List: specials, discounts, and workshops

The history of Parlor… In 1994, salon culture had changed dramatically from its original form. Salons used to be a nexus for conversation, a unity of different perspectives in a creative space, but this ideal had disappeared admits the boom … Continue reading

Parlor’s Fall Playlist: A Summer Cool Down

     As the weather cools down, a playlist to mark the seasonal transition feels necessary and refreshing. This playlist was created by stylist Cristina Vince and these songs, among many others, can be heard throughout both our salon locations. Let us know if … Continue reading

Parlor Backstage At NYFW SS 14′

Parlor was able to get a sneak peek into Milk Studios during NYFW SS 14′ to get the scoop on all things beauty. Here is what we found: Photos courtesy of Giovanna Berardi   

Beauty Transformation As Documented By A Parlor Customer

It’s easy to categorize hairdressing into the mass of jobs in the beauty industry, but the difference that’s commonly over looked is the impact a hairstylist can have on their clients’ daily routine. Beauty transformations can be as simple as adding layers … Continue reading

DIY: Travel-Size Toiletries

Traveling with toiletries can be a hassle. If it’s not smaller than 100ml then forget taking it on an airplane, and throwing SPF into a beach bag can end in disaster if the cap isn’t screwed on tight. We have a … Continue reading

Don’t Let Hair Weigh You Down

Stylist Melinda Marki assisted her client on a risky styling adventure to let go of her long locks and embrace a new breezy bob, and even shorter bangs. Risky may not be the right word to use anymore, perhaps emotionally risky (in which … Continue reading

The Swaying Summer Playlist

We promised to keep the playlists coming so here’s our second list that’ll help you dance and believe in summer’s warm nights.       1. Let’s Go Surfing- The Drums 2. Never Let Me Down Again (Remastered)- Depeche Mode 3. Surfer Girl- … Continue reading

Parlor Visits Arrojo’s Graduating Class

The nervous energy of finding a niché that fits like a shoe goes unparalleled. It’s a sense of belonging. Parlor owner Gwenn LeMoine and Team Lead Stylist Amanda Amabile went to Arrojo’s cosmetology school and spoke with the graduating class (who have … Continue reading

Get To Know The Artist: One Night Only Jennifer Longworth’s Parlor Exhibition

It’s time to plan this evening’s outing and tonight it’s all about stopping by Parlor’s East Village location to get a dose of Jennifer Longworth’s artwork. Raised as a New Yorker, Longworth creates a natural beauty and elegance in her art that explores landscape and time. The show … Continue reading