Earth Month 2017!

IMG_4618Each year, Parlor and Aveda team up with Global Green Grants (globally) and Clean Ocean Action (locally) to raise money for clean water projects.  This year, Parlor is proud to announce that we were the top fund raiser in the entire North-East region!  This is all thanks to you, our Parlor guys and gals!


Through your participationIMG_4613 in our Earth Month fund-raising events, we raised nearly $4,000.00! Thank you for purchasing our bake sale goodies, made with love by the Parlor Beauty Squad.  We also loved seeing you at our clothing swap in the East Village, and Glowing Spring Beauty makeup event in Brooklyn!  Our IMG_4612tradition at Parlor is to end Earth Month with a local beach clean up.  This year, the Parlor Beauty Squad was in Far Rockaway on Monday, May 1st to remove debris from the beach, record data on what we recovered, and send it off to Clean Ocean Action for analyzing.


Click here to learn more about Clean Ocean Action!

Parlor Logo W:O words

clean ocean action logo


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