A bangin’ new look

Summer is upon us! This means new blooms, new adventures, and obviously new hair. If you’re looking for a way to update your hairstyle without completely chopping it off, img_3073consider some fresh fringe. (Or just go ahead and chop it off. Dooo it.) Bangs can make a huge difference in how you show off your face shape and cut. From flirty side fringe to face-

framing pieces to straight-up baby bangs, the possibilities are limitless. Haven’t had bangs since you were a kid and your mom hacked at them on the back porch? Trust me; they’ll look better on your grown-up face (and done by a professional).


For those of you who have never experimented with bangs, I recommend starting with something longer that requires lower maintenance. Face-framing pieces at your chin or cheekbones can give you the option of wearing hair around your face, as well as the freedom to still tuck it behind your ears and out of the way. Slowly

taking these pieces shorter can help you get used to wearing fringe, and it can reveal any weird cowlicks that have been hiding. The beauty of bangs is that you can easily adjust your haircut with minimal-to-major commitment. Think of longer


side fringe as Tinder (you go on some casual dates for a img_4859few weeks and then decide if you wanna keep ’em), while baby bangs are more like marriage or domestic partnership (you totally take the plunge, but it’s a lengthy process to get out if you’re not feelin’ it).

As with any change, it’s important to consult with your stylist regarding your styling routine and the amount of upkeep you’re willing to commit. You may love having straight-across bangs that brush your eyebrows, but those hairs will need a trim about every two weeks to keep them out of your eyes (unless you’re going for that mysterious, is-she-looking-at-me-or-not


look). Baby bangs are a fun, dramatic change, but depending on your hair texture and growth patterns, those bangs might need some extra blow-drying tactics to keep them in check.

So if you’ve been craving something new and exciting but you don’t want to go for a tattoo, let one of our stylists give you some funky new fringe.

Take a look at our Pinterest board where we’ve gathered a great group of inspiration pics for your perusal!

By Jenny Davis

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