Parlor’s 5th Annual Beach Clean-Up




To celebrate the closing of Earth Month, Parlor joins Clean Ocean Action (COA) each year and hosts a local beach clean-up.  Our mission: To remove and record debris from local waterways, spread awareness, and make a positive impact… Oh, and we have FUN while doing it! 

Each year we learn new things from COA’s representative, Tory. 12940310_1712349822350771_956504514_n In 2015, we learned all about micro-plastics and their disastrous affect on the environment.  COA was working tirelessly to stop the use of micro-plastics in the hygiene and cosmetics industries, and later that year, we celebrated the U.S. ban on micro-plastics!  It was a great experience for all of us to be part of, and we were so excited to join Tory  in 2016 to make a positive impact again!

A12940273_205358509844782_1394472005_nll throughout Earth Month, both Parlor locations raised money in the salon with fun “Wheel-of-Fortune” style donation activities, raffles, our famous bake sale, and other fun ways to donate.  One of the most stand-out donation items was the COA spork.  This year we learned indexabout the high amount of plastic disposable forks (nearly 4,000!) found in the waterways during clean-ups.  With this data, COA began to raise awareness for this issue and also began offering their fund-raising partners the cool sporks for donation! Choosing a reusable eating utensil will help to keep disposable plastic eating-ware out of marine habitats. The sporks were a hit among our staff, and our guests loved them, too! Plus, the funky shape raises awareness when people ask, “Hey what are you eating with?”


The Parlor Beauty Squad chose to do a clean-up of Far Rockaway Beach 13133282_10209057913942471_5803910590491443938_nthis year.  On Monday, May 9th, the team descended upon the beach, ready to get their hands dirty and the beach clean!  We broke out into teams:  A collector, a carrier, and a recorder.  The teams spread out across the beach13133302_10209059631865418_2086491261941512628_n to remove garbage that pollutes the beach and waterways, making a dangerous and toxic environment for both marine and human life.  The collectors were responsible for gathering the debris and handing it off the the carriers.  The recorders carried a clip-board and logged the type of debris that was removed.  Having the debris tracked and categorized helps the researchers at COA analyze where our pollution is coming from so they can make a difference!  Take a look at what we found!

Copy of Parlor Beach Sweeps Data Rockaway 5-9-16

13165823_10209059026090274_837555021341230883_nAfter we were done cleaning up the portion of the beach we selected,13179060_10154256251904078_817083066177248572_n our team headed over to Rockaway Tacos (Sarah’s favorite spot in Rockaway) for our traditional after-clean-up get together!  The team enjoyed drinks and tacos and celebrated another great Earth Month at Parlor!  Thank you, Parlor Guys and Dolls!  We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!  If you’d like to get involved with Clean Ocean Action, click HERE!  Also, check out our beach clean-up story from last year!




Parlor Logoclean ocean action logo









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