Sun Care for Summer Hair


During the hot sunny summer months our routines and personal wellness regimens change to meet the demands of our environment.  With the weather inviting us out to play we are exposed to more sun, and thus harmful UVA/UVB rays.  Most of us already use SPF lotions and sprays to protect our skin but did you know that your hair is also at risk of damage from the sun?  The Aveda Sun Care line is designed to help defend against the sun’s rays and repair damage that has already taken place.  We would like to share some of our East Village Stylist’s favorite ways to use the Aveda Sun Care line and why they love it for Summer hair!

  The Sun Care line of Aveda professional products is designed to help defend against the Sun’s rays and repair damage that has already taken place.  Our stylists in the East Village share some of their favorite ways to use Sun Care and why they love it for Summer hair!


Megan, who lives steps away from Coney Island boardwalk knows how to fortify her temperamental violet colored hair for the sun.  “Spray the Aveda Protective Hair Veil over the top of your hair, give it a few head shakes and spray a little more” Megan also reminds us to… “wet hair with fresh water and apply Aveda Sun Care Masque to help with discoloration and dryness and as well as protect the hair from salt in the ocean or chlorine if swimming in a pool”

Do you love your color best when it is freshly done?  Well so does Amanda our resident red head for life (our auburn/red hair specialist) wouldn’t go anywhere in the sun without it… “I love the veil to help protect my vibrant red hair color!”  She highly suggests that all of her guests who invest in rich reds for their hair go home with it at least in the summer months but also for travel to sunny destinations in the winter months.
GiovannaGiovanna who spends her weekends at her shore house recommends the Sun Care line to her like minded sun loving guests. Her advice…”Use the Aveda Sun Care Cleanser to remove buildup of salt or chlorine; for hair and body!!” then apply the apply the “Masque to hair after wash to moisturize.” She adds an extra tip on how to use the masque as a sort of Aveda hack if you will… ” apply generous portion of the Masque before going into chlorine pools or the ocean; wet your hair down and apply some conditioner to the ends, or braid and secure ends. This technique also works well before applying a swim cap:)”
Want summer hair, but don’t want the damage?

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