Aveda and Nepal

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Do you know the story behind our green paper gift sets?

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In the beautiful, elevated landscapes of Nepal, Aveda has partnered with communities who use the ancient art of lokta paper. These families are nestled between the peaking mountaintops. Their homes, the inspiration for our holiday makeup each year. Their values, an inspiration for our Mission: To set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility around the world.

Nepal Aveda 3Lokta paper has been a tradition of Nepali culture since the 12th century. Aveda reaches out each year to learn more about the tradition and receive help from Nepali communities in creating our green paper gift sets. The impact of Aveda’s collaboration spreads to 2,400 families that can now buy food, repair their homes, send their children to school, and even save for the future. Mothers are able to find work more easily. Fathers that once had to leave to find work can now access employment in their own communities. Over 5,500 people were hired and more than 1,800,000 sheets of paper have been made for our gift sets between 2007 and 2013. Our work is Certified Wildlife Friendly, protecting 34,000 acres of forest. This means that the trees used to create Aveda’s gift sets are always restored, and the lives of countless animals are saved as their habitats are respected and preserved.

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Here at Parlor, we are committed to finding stories that inspire creativity and change, and through this season’s iconic paper gift sets, we find that balance. A gift of joy that we can pass along to you, available in store. The holiday season is our favorite. Let us share with you in the Season of Giving, and embrace the beauty of tradition and conservation with Nepali paper!

Interested in learning more about lokta paper and Aveda? Click here. All photos used in this post are property of Aveda.

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