Botanical Hair Therapy Solves The Biggest Woes Of Dry & Damaged Hair

Hair beauty

Summer is coming to a close and priorities are once again shifting back to work, school, and commitments that are far more challenging than breezy summer nights and tanning under the New York skyline, which is why we want to help make the transition from summer to fall as easy as possible, and not to mention relaxing. Aveda’s Botanical Hair & Scalp Therapy (BHT) is coming to the forefront in our salon just for that reason. The treatment restores the scalp (which is the base for all healthy hair!) by using all-natural healing methods from India and is followed by an enhancing moisturizer that’ll replenish dry hair from summer’s damaging rays or a repair treatment that’ll help the hair gain back lost protein.

Stylist Giovanna Berardi explains that the perfect candidate is “Anyone who wants to add moisture or protein to their hair. I especially like damage remedy for processed hair and dry remedy for coarse and curly textures.” The advantages of treating hair to such a thorough treatment is that “It adds moistures without any weight. Your hair [will] feel filled in and healthier, also tons of shine!” Berardi says.

Prices range depending on how the service is booked. The full therapy treatment without any additional salon services costs $95 and will last roughly an hour. If you’d prefer to enjoy a haircut or color service in addition to the hair therapy the cost is lowered to $40 and will be an additional 30 minutes to the appointment. If the therapy treatment is booked as an add-on to another salon service no scalp therapy is included in the price or the service itself.

Start the new work and school season off right with replenishing your hair and scalp with the proper nutritions it needs and finding time to take a breather from the busy city.


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