Keep Your Hair And “Shave” It Too

The Alternative Side We all want to try something new with our hair, but we don’t want the commitment that comes with it. That’s why we created a new service in our salon that allows you to keep your hair and “shave” it too. The trend of … Continue reading

The Swaying Summer Playlist

We promised to keep the playlists coming so here’s our second list that’ll help you dance and believe in summer’s warm nights.       1. Let’s Go Surfing- The Drums 2. Never Let Me Down Again (Remastered)- Depeche Mode 3. Surfer Girl- … Continue reading

Four Beauty Instagram Accounts You’re Missing

Instagram is home base for some of the trendiest makeup, hair, and lifestyle accounts. We decided to share our top four Instagram feeds with you in hopes that you’ll never run low on beauty inspiration. The list includes: a top notch … Continue reading

Look of the Week: Distressed Tips

This week’s look is inspired by our assistant Tyler! She cut off a hefty portion of her locks and dyed the tips a distressed green to create an edgy contrast to her previously long, wave tresses. Stylist Cristina Vince mixed the colors and ended up … Continue reading

A Professional Updo For The Office (Or Any Work Space!)

ST #1 ST #2 ST #3 ST #4 ST #5 ST #6ST #7

Step #1:

Section off a portion of your hair (in what we like to call the “bang area”) and braid it. This updo is flexible so if you prefer french or fishtail braids feel free to mix it up.

Step #2:

Next, mess it up! Loosen the braid by pulling it apart. This makes it wider and helps create volume (especially for fine haired gals!). Don’t be afraid to make it messy! It’ll also add texture.

Step #3

Now, move to the other side of your head and section off the same amount of hair you did for the braid. Twist the hair. Place bobby pins into the twist to secure it, then continue to twist until you’ve wrapped the hair around the back and to the other side of your head.

Step #4:

Grab the braid and pin it above the twist.

Step #5:

Continue to twist the remaining hair and pin it to the back of your head. This last step is flexible. If you’re interested in a more laid back appearance then make a messy bun, otherwise create a more structured look by continuing to twist the hair and pulling it into a tight circular bun.

Parlor Visits Arrojo’s Graduating Class

The nervous energy of finding a niché that fits like a shoe goes unparalleled. It’s a sense of belonging. Parlor owner Gwenn LeMoine and Team Lead Stylist Amanda Amabile went to Arrojo’s cosmetology school and spoke with the graduating class (who have … Continue reading

Get To Know The Artist: One Night Only Jennifer Longworth’s Parlor Exhibition

It’s time to plan this evening’s outing and tonight it’s all about stopping by Parlor’s East Village location to get a dose of Jennifer Longworth’s artwork. Raised as a New Yorker, Longworth creates a natural beauty and elegance in her art that explores landscape and time. The show … Continue reading

The New (And Improved) Morning Routine

Morning routines can be messy and all wakeup calls should be followed by some form of pleasurable escape (at least for a second) before you begin to prepare for the day. We researched a few of the healthiest ways to start your … Continue reading

Color Mania Is Parlor’s Cup Of Tea

Yesterday at the salon we were packed full with color appointments from morning to night (which the stylists love!) and we couldn’t stop running behind the camera because every moment felt like a photo-op. The color mania surged in our cozy salon … Continue reading

All We Need This Summer Is Color By Jin Soon

    Nail polish is a small detail that’s noticed often. This season, in the color field JINsoon spring collection, we were caught off guard with the innocent to flirty ranged hues. Artist Jin Soon Choi released her nail-color spectrum after having her favorite models … Continue reading