Let The Pleats Speak

This season whether your style is simple and chic or rock-n-roll grunge pleats are a necessity. The layered fabric has been revolutionized by street style and we’re sharing one of our suggestions on how to wear the look this summer! Below is an outfit we’ve put together. Let us know if you like it!

Pleats Aritizia #11

  #10 Pleated Skirt

#12 PLeats shoes


 Find the Look:

Aritizia Top, $24

Shopbop Skirt, $206.50

Madewell Shoes, $159.50


Coney Island Cleanup

The month of May has been filled with adventures, creative challenges, and memories and we didn’t know how to choose our favorite. But we thought to top off the month we’d share a few photos from our Coney Island Cleanup. Our beauty team searched the beach for trash and ended the day with relaxing on the white sand they’d cleaned.

Coney Island Beach Clean-Up #2

Coney Island Clean-Up #4

Coney Island Beach Clean-Up #1

Coney Island Clean-Up #3

How To: Smooth, Radiant, and Moisturized Skin

Avocados have a range of nutritional value. The skin (our largest organ) benefits from them in more ways than just one. The avocado is considered a large berry because of its single seed and can be used both as a … Continue reading

Busy Morning? Here’s A 5-Minute Makeover

There’s no remedy for early-morning sleepiness beyond getting up and pumping some adrenaline through the body, but hiding the dark circles under your eyes is a way to fool everyone if not yourself. On the mornings that our tired minds get the best of us, the makeup routine can be long and painful, or sometimes if you’re running late not reasonable at all. Because of this, we created a natural look that can be applied within five minutes. We focused on the eyes, the cheeks, and the lip. Stylist Chutney Gates is the makeup artist behind the look.


Step #1: Apply Aveda’s concealer or mineral tinted moisturizer to the areas highlighted in the photo. This will hide the dark circles and make your eyes appear wider and brighter. 


Step #2: Use a brush to apply Aveda’s petal essence face accents (i.e. blush!) to the cheekbones. This will create dimension.


Step #3: The easiest way to feel more put together in the morning is applying a strong lip! We recommend a rehydrating lip glaze.


Step #4: Smile! It’ll help put the hectic morning behind you and replace it with a productive day. 


Here are the products we used today. 




Tips On How To Use Aveda Products To Their Full Potential

Aveda's eye shadows

Aveda products are designed to be multifunctional, yet few people know the different ways they can use what’s already in their bathroom cabinets. We’ve chosen three of our most popular products and given you tips on how to make them more useful than ever.

** stars indicate which functions are Parlor’s tips to you

Beautifying Composition Oil:

The Beautifying Composition oil already has a laundry list of functions on its label, but there are a few that were left out. Below is a comprehensive list of how the product (to our knowledge) can be used: Beautifying Composition Oil

  • Add moisture to dry skin
  • Bath nourishing oil
  • Condition cuticles
  • Scalp treatment (wash out of hair after applying)      
  • Sleeping aroma
  • Massage Oil
  • Makeup remover **
  • Add composition oil to Aveda’s foundation to create a dewy sheen for a spring or summer look **

Air Control:

The Air Control hairspray by Aveda is their low-hold formula. It’s one of the most popular products sold at Parlor because it doesn’t create a stiff, crisp texture like most hairsprays. 3 air control

  • Flexible hair hold
  • Volumizing
  • Decreases static (for when your dress won’t stop sticking to your legs or tights) **
  • Eyebrow Mascara (spray air control onto comb and brush eyebrows to create a fuller look, hairspray holds eyebrows in place) **


Aveda Eye Shadow:

The Aveda Eye Shadows come in nineteen different natural hues that are made from a combination of flowers extracts and wax. The eye shadows are crease resistant and blend well with different skin tones. Here are a few ways to use the product beyond daily makeup use:

  • Mix product with Aveda’s eye shadow transformer to create a liquid eyeliner **
  • Rub eye shadow into hair to create a natural hair chalk, non-permanent color **

Front Of The House Style

Kaitlyn is one of the FOH girls who’s currently working on her New York States cosmetology license. It was about time we started taking pictures of her style because everyday she comes to work with a new updo that looks both professional, yet easygoing.  





Color Inspiration From Runway To Salon

Fashion Week Pastel #1           Fashion Week #4            Fashion Week #5

Pastel hair is becoming a popular choice this season and it’s not just the edgy trendsetters that are making the change, but people we’d least expect. The colors are subtle and according to Ashley Bird, one of our New Talent stylists, their popularity is caused by how they balance femininity with an edge. The icy pastels have not only taken over the hair industry, but also the fashion world. If you’re hesitant to make the transition we suggest taking a look at a few photos from New York fashion week to find inspiration. We’ve included our top picks in this post, but find more color inspiration here.

Spring 2014 Must-Have Accessories

Dear Luminaries,

It’s about time we stop hiding our hair underneath hats and scarves considering spring is amidst us. And while we put away the winter accessories let’s pull out a few replacements. Warmer weather doesn’t necessarily mean brighter colors because let’s face it, for some (like us!), neutrals are the bread and butter to our wardrobe, but it definitely means that there are more options! Here’s a list of our must-have spring hair accessories and why we chose each one:

Batik Chic Headscarf— $48

Accessories #1This headscarf made our top list because it’s a perfect transitional piece for the unexpected weather between winter and spring. The piece can be styled in multiple ways. It can either be tied across the hairline to create a bohemian flair or wrapped around the middle portion of the head similar to a traditional headband. Tying the extra fabric of the scarf into a bow at the nape of the neck also provides a classic style with an edge. Find the Batik Chic Headscarf here.


Accessory #2Missoni Zigzag Knit Headband— $95

The pattern of the Missoni headband is to say the least elegant. The lightweight fabric in addition to the easy tie strings make it an ideal spring accessory for the sunny days that feel like summer. The flirty colors can make any outfit look and feel effortless and not to mention accentuate the tan that’s in progress.


Solid Vintage Hair Tie Set— $36 

Accessory #3

Let’s not forget about the basics. Humidity returns in spring and sometimes the easiest solution is to throw your hair into a quick ponytail or braid. Hair ties are one of the most heavily used accessories, yet up to this point the least stylish. But these hair ties stand out because of their unique color, fabric texture, and non-gripping material. They also function as bracelets for when you need one on the go. Find the full hair tie set here.


Mini Couture Jaw, Paisley Punch— $18Accessory #4

The quirky design of these hair clips make them one of the most                    unique accessories we’ve included in our spring must-haves. The clips can be used for all different types of up-dos as well as just pulling back a few loose strands that never seem to stay put. The lighthearted patterns embody a timelessness and vintage undertone that we love!


Mrs. President & Co. Beauty S Barrette— $48  #9

Barrettes are a way to pull back layers. This season try going asymmetrical. The shape of the Mrs. President & Co. Barrette is sleek and strays away from the common rectangular barrettes we’re accustomed to seeing. It’s bound to receive compliments or at least a few double takes while walking through the city because everyone loves an original twist to a classic.


 Silk Head WrapL. Erickson Silk Head Wrap— $40

 This head wrap gives every shopper exactly what they want—options. The        accessory comes in seventeen different colors ranging from bright spring tones to the neutrals we can’t bare to give up. The material is soft and won’t give you a headache after a long day   out. Find the L. Erickson Silk Head Wrap here.


Classic Rectangle Barrette, Itsy Daisy— $18


This is the second barrette included in our spring must-haves because the accessory can accomplish a wide range of styles. Unlike the sleek style of the Mrs. President & Co. Beauty S Barrette, this classic rectangular barrette is differentiated by its simple and bright flower patterns. The pieces are an easy way to pull back the hair and keep it secure throughout a full workday.




DIY: Double Ponytail Twist

Dear Luminaries,

It’s never easy in the summer to maintain sleek hair. If it’s not the humidity causing problems then it’s an overload of natural oils. Up-dos are a quick and efficient way to eliminate the stress. Our stylist Autumn Whisman is notorious for her creative, yet simple up-dos. Below is a step-by-step tutorial that shows how to achieve her double ponytail twist.

DIY Ponytail Twist #2                DIY Ponytail #3

DIY Ponytail #4                DIY Ponytail #5

                                DIY Ponytwist #1




Controlling Frizz Is Not An Easy Job…But Here Are A Few Tips.

Controlling Frizz Is Not An Easy Job, But Here Are A Few Tips


Dear Luminaries,

 Spring is here and summer is quickly approaching, bringing sun-kissed tans and blooming botanical gardens, but also one of the most difficult hair dilemmas among men and women. Frizz. The pesky little fly-aways are stubborn, especially when the proper techniques aren’t used. We have a few easy solutions! There are different strategies for every hair type.
Curly Hair – We recommend Aveda’s Be Curly line (especially the style-prep, curl enhancer, and curl controller if it’s your first time using the line) combined with a hairspray that will act as a barrier between your hair and the humidity such as the Witch Hazel hairspray or the Be Curly enhancing hairspray.
Straight & Wavy Hair – If you prefer options (i.e. leaving your hair smooth one day and wavy the next) Smooth Infusion allows for that type of flexibility. The products are designed to tame frizz for up to 12 hours (or even a few days!), depending on application. We suggest using the Smooth Infusion style-prep and glossing straightener in combination to create an effortless, and not to mention frizz-free, summer look.
Smooth Infusion Retexturizing Treatment (SIRT) – This treatment allows for individuals with various curl patterns to enjoy a permanent shift to a smoother hairstyle. The treatment is low maintenance and only needs to be retouched once a year. The process is far superior to keratin treatments and relaxers because the strength of the SIRT smoother can be customized, allowing for any variation between loose waves and stick-straight hair to be created.
Naturally Straight – The last option is a new addition to the Smooth Infusion line that’s launching in May. This product will loosen waves over time, allowing a product user to have smooth and straight hair for as long as a month and then simply washing it out (multiple washes will be necessary) to return to their normal texture. This product is considered semi-permanent and will be available at Parlor after its launch!